School Programs

Meet Kandinsky

Meet Kandinsky

From $12.60/student

Adult Helpers

The most successful ArtVentures program relies on the help of adult volunteers. Please invite family or friends into the classroom to act as artist assistants.

K- grade 2 classes require four to six adult helpers (one for every group) Grades 3-4 require three to four helpers in total Grades 5-6 require one to two helpers in total.

Your volunteers will be exected to:

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time
  • Turn cellphones to "silent" for the duration of the program
  • Help distribute and refresh materials
  • Interact with all children
  • Encourage creative risk taking!

Please note: we love to empower older students! If you are booking a program for K-2, please consider inviting grade 5 or 6 students into your classroom in place of adult volunteers.

What's Included?

Our goal is to make your students' art making experience as easy as possible for you. All school programs include:

  • A professional artist or art educator to facilitate your program
  • Aprons for your students to wear
  • All supplies and materials required for project creation

What we need from you:

  • Please have your class seated in four to six groups (depending on your class size and students' needs) before arrival of ArtVentures facilitator
  • Requested number of adult helpers
  • Access to the classroom at least thirty minutes before program start time
Cancellation Policy

In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your program, we require at least two weeks notice in writing to No fee will be charged provided this requirement is met. Less than two weeks notice for cancellation or rescheduling will result in a $50 fee. If less than 48 hours is provided for a cancelled or rescheduled program, the full program fee will be charged.


Book an ArtVentures in-school field trip for as little as $12.60/student!

The base cost of an ArtVentures in-school fieldtrip is $280 ($14/student for up to 20 students). We can facilitate classes of up to thirty (30) students, with an additional fee of $14/student.

Qualify for a multi-class discount of 10% when two or more classes book the same program in the same room, lowering the cost from $14/student to $12.60/student!

Run Time

ArtVentures Programs typically run for 90 minutes. We offer programs in the morning (9:30AM-11:00AM) and in the afternoon (12:30PM-2:00PM). Please ensure we have direct access to your classroom at least thirty minutes before your program start time.

Please note that school programs do not break for recess. Please adjust your snack and break routine accordingly.

More Questions?

Still have questions? Please read our FAQ or contact


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