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Art Workshops for Home-Schooled Children

About Our Home Schooler Programs

ArtVentures provides interactive, hands-on, quality art education. Our monthly homeschool programs offer your child the opportunity to experience ArtVentures' high quality school programming in a group setting. These programs are designed to offer students the opportunity to explore and communicate their thoughts, feelings, and ideas visually. Our process-focused lessons explore themes, techniques, or artists. Programs are developed to empower students to think critically and creatively. Best of all, they learn the skills they need to create a unique work of art, rather than copy an example.

ArtVentures School Programs:

  • Integrate Alberta's Program of Studies
  • Recognize Gardner's multiple intelligences
  • Engage students of all ages and abilities
  • Support the goals of the 21st Century Learning Skills
  • Empower students and instill self-confidence

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ArtVentures offers mobile, process focused art education in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We literally bring creativity right to your doorstep. See what all the fuss is about... book with us today!