About Us

Meet ArtVentures

ArtVentures is a mobile art education company based in Edmonton, Alberta founded by Emma Wales. We provide a variety of in-services, including art parties, school programs, private workshops, professional development, and corporate team building.

Unlike other art facilitators, ArtVentures offers process-focused art programming. This means that the focus of our programs is not on having cookie cutter end products, but rather on all the magic that happens along the way. Each program is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to explore their creativity, take risks, and make choices. We accommodate all ages, levels, and abilities.

At ArtVentures, we look at art making as a chance to celebrate individuality, foster independence, and inspire confidence. All our programs are facilitated by professional artists or art educators – all of whom are as passionate as they are knowledgeable. Best of all? We come to you!

Emma Wales

Founder / Lead Educator

Emma Wales is the founder and lead educator of ArtVentures. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with Combined Honours in English and Art History from the University of Alberta and is passionate about sharing her love of art and language with others. Emma’s love of art has taken her all over the world, culminating in a one-year residency in Paris, where she spent her days in museums, and her nights eating French pastries.

Before founding ArtVentures Emma was a member of the education team at the Art Gallery of Alberta, where she honed her skills as an art educator. Her years of experience at the AGA have provided her with countless opportunities to work with thousands of students in both gallery and studio settings.


Knowledgeable & passionate art experts
Highly trained & experienced art educators
Offer a variety of in-services
Provide top quality art education


We come to you!
Our projects are about creating, not copying
We use art to inspire creativity & individuality
We accommodate all ages and abilities


Save time and money on transportation
All tools and materials provided
Customizable programs to suit your needs
Programs offered in English and French


ArtVentures offers mobile, process focused art education in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We literally bring creativity right to your doorstep. See what all the fuss is about... book with us today!